If your fav clothes don’t fit, need restyled, repaired or altered, we can help! If you have a tear or rip in the trousers or frayed edges on the bottoms the trousers can be taken care off, the blazer can be tidied up and any noticeable problems fixed buttons replaced, pockets opened or closed, cleaned up with new fabric following a rip or tear. Re-Measurements will be taken if necessary and the adjustments made to make you feel more comfortable and confident. We can also make shirt alterations and a waistcoat refresher service. After all mens suit alterations are made the entire package will be cleaned and packaged for your convenience.

Below are some examples of the work we preform:

Dress alterations, skirt alterations, bridal alterations, coat/jacket alterations, ladies suit alterations, mens suit alterations, trouser alterations, shirt alterations, jean shorting with original finish, leather jacket and suede alterations, zip replacements, curtain alterations and general repairs.

All other shirt alterations items on request. We are based in Portadown Town Centre, situated just off the high street, with ample parking nearby, please call in for a consultation or just bring any garments you want alterations carried out upon, our friendly staff will take your requirements and agree a price before leaving your clothing with us for the timeframe agreed to carry out the alterations. Then you will be contacted via your preferred way to inform you your garments are ready for collection. Any extra changes that are required outside of the agreed initial specification will be priced there and then and carried out as extra work not part of the original job.

Available options

  1. shirt alterations

    You can get any item of clothing resized down and up, please get in touch via the contact form or use the quick quote feature on the homepage.

  2. New Buttons

    We can replace buttons with Originals or Peal replacement.

  3. Cuff Shortening

    Do you need your favourite shirt shortened.