Why do you need trouser alterations?

Trouser alterations are caused by general wear and tear every day or week use sometimes wears the bottoms of trousers where it comes into contact with the ground, this is normal and there is no need to go and buy a brand new pair of trousers because of this small issue, We have the skills necessary to repair these defects and bring about your trousers like new again, This can involve adding material, stitching a new hem into the lining and various techniques depending on the specification of your job.

  • Wedding suit trousers
  • Event Trousers
  • Fancy Dress trousers
  • Workers Trousers
  • Golfing trousers
  • Fishing trousers
  • Outdoor Pursuit Trousers
  • Combat Trousers

If your fav clothes don’t fit, need restyled, repaired or altered, we can help!

Below are some examples of the work we preform:

Dress alterations, skirt alterations, bridal alterations, coat/jacket alterations, ladies suit alterations, mens suit alterations, trouser alterations, shirt alterations, jean shorting with original finish, leather jacket and suede alterations, zip replacements, curtain alterations and general repairs.

  1. trouser alterations

    You can get any item of clothing resized down and up, please get in touch via the contact form or use the quick quote feature on the homepage.