Free Easter Bunny Treat Bag Pattern

These Easter Bunny Treat Bags are a must have for the children at Easter.

Fill them up with their favourite Easter treats and close them by tying their little ears in a knot.

These little bags are so easy and quick to make, you won’t stop at one.

Then on Easter you can either hide them with the Easter eggs or have them in a basket.

To get started:



Cut out the pattern and use it to cut out 4 pieces (2 different colours).

If you wish to add a face detail to the front, use a water soluble pencil, transfer the dots for embroidering the face on one outside piece and for adding a tail on the other outside piece.

Use embroidery thread to make the face.  To make the eyes, push your needle up from the back of the fabric where you drew the dot for the eye.  Tie a knot in the thread an push your needle back trough the fabric on the dot.  Tie both ends of string off at the back.

To make the nose, make a stitch between the top 2 dots.  Bring your needle up through the fabric at the third dot and under the stitch you med.  Then push the needle back down through the fabric at the bottom and tie off at the back.

Add a cotton tail on the back using a store bought pom pom or make your own with some yarn.


Next put one white piece and one color piece right sides together and sew along the ear.  Repeat with the other pieces.

Clip the tip of the ears and along the seam allowance in the curve.

Turn the ears right side out.

Open the bottoms of each side and place the two sides together, lining up the white and color sides.  Sew around the edge leaving an opening in the bottom.  Be careful not to catch his little cotton tail or one of his ears in the seam!

Turn the bunny right side out through the hole in the bottom and then sew the hole shut.

Tuck the lining down inside.

Fill him up and he is ready for Easter!

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