Curtains not fitting your windows properly?

Whether you have recently moved house and need your curtains resized, or bought ready made curtains that need adjusting, we can help. If you have a tear or rip in the Curtains this can be taken care off, mostly curtains need shortened, we advise you to measure at least three times the length you will be thankful for doing this later when the resized curtain fit like a glove in your space. Take a measuring tape and measure the entire size that the curtain will take up , then measure it again and again and write this down three times, at the last time this will be the measurement to bring with you when you come to our Shop with local parking, to drop in your curtains.

Good Measure are able to carry out adjustments on any kind of fabric including velvet and net curtains.
We are able to shorten, lengthen by using matching extension, re-size the width, re-line and re-line with blackout lining and make two curtains out of one or join one pair to make one.

We can make tie-backs and valances for offcuts to match your curtains, repair and re-new Roman blinds.  We are also able to make new cushion covers from offcuts or replace broken zips in existing cushions.

We will also resize duvet coverts.

All other curtain alterations items on request. We are based in Portadown Town Centre, situated just off the high street, with ample parking nearby, please call in for a consultation or just bring any garments you want alterations carried out upon, our friendly staff will take your requirements and agree a price before leaving your clothing with us for the timeframe agreed to carry out the alterations. Then you will be contacted via your preferred way to inform you your garments are ready for collection. Any extra changes that are required outside of the agreed initial specification will be priced there and then and carried out as extra work not part of the original job.

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    You can get any item of fabric resized down and up, please get in touch via the contact form or use the quick quote feature on the homepage.