baf7ed_5d7aad06c8d54505b78e778e06211fd0 baf7ed_22a3b52e23c5419285c08756dc1b43b7 baf7ed_de327d0f8d1841a2aa691382d15a0e17With over 40 years experience between us, we understand the process of making a garment.  We are highly regarded because of the quality of work we perform and customer service we provide.  This makes us the number one choice for bespoke garments.

So wether it be matching ties for your wedding, a waist coat for the groom or bolero for your bridesmade we will take care of you.

Made To Measure

We offer a range of made to measure items covering:

  • waist coat

  • tie/cravat

  • dolly bag

  • bollero

  • skirts

  • cushion covers

All other dressmaking items on request.