With over 40 years Made To Measure experience between us, we understand the process of making a garment.  We are highly regarded because of the quality of work we perform and customer service we provide.  This makes us the number one choice for bespoke garments.

No matter what your request for made to measure clothing or alterations we want to hear about it, Some of our best work has come from word of mouth and Facebook and Instagram, if you have time please like our page on Facebook and share our posts to your friends or follow us on Instagram. If you want a super quick quote then please send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

What makes a made to measure piece of Clothing? – We will create a specification for your garment and choose materials, take measurements and plan your bespoke creation. We will then begin the process of creating the piece, while communicating frequently with the client as to the progress and the need for fittings to be organized at your convenience.

So wether it be matching ties for your wedding, a waist coat for the groom or bollero for your bridesmaid we will take care of you.

Made To Measure

We offer a range of made to measure items covering:

  • waist coat
  • tie/cravat
  • dolly bag
  • bellero
  • cushion covers

All other dressmaking items on request. We are based in Portadown Town Centre, situated just off the high street, with ample parking nearby, please call in for a consultation or just bring any garments you want alterations carried out upon, our friendly staff will take your requirements and agree a price before leaving your clothing with us for the timeframe agreed to carry out the alterations. Then you will be contacted via your preferred way to inform you your garments are ready for collection. Any extra changes that are required outside of the agreed initial specification will be priced there and then and carried out as extra work not part of the original job.

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