school leaver uniform bear
A great way to remember where you spent the best years of your life.  Our Memory Keepsake Bears are made using items from your school uniforms from jumpers, polo shirts, blazer, sports gear, ties and logos, anything that is most memorable for you.  A truly unique keepsake that you can treasure forever.
A gorgeous present for parents to give to their children or why not have one made for a friend you went to school with.
Simply collect items of your school uniform and send them to us, particularly items such as sweatshirts, jumpers, t-shirts, ties or blazer that are specific to your school or has a logo included.
We understand the value to you of your original items that you send to have your keepsake items made and we promise to take the very best care of them once they are in our possession.
What you need to send:
At least 2-4 items from the following list, one item to have the school emblem or logo if possible.
skirt, pinafore or school dress
trousers or shorts
sports top
polo shirt

We offer discount on bulk orders.